Register your prepaid T-Mobile number

The duty to register prepaid numbers introduced on 25 July 2016 results from the Act on Anti-terrorist Operations and requires prepaid number users to provide their personal data to the operator.

Already a prepaid T-Mobile customer?
We're happy you're with us! To continue enjoying our services you need to register your prepaid number by 1 February 2017.

After 1st February 2017 all non-registered prepaid numbers will be blocked and you will not be able to make/receive any calls or send/receive any messages or use data if you do not register your number.

Purchased a new T-Mobile prepaid starter?
To start using our services you need to register your number and activate the starter by making a connection.

Prepaid number registration is easy

What you need to register your prepaid number?
To register a starter you've just purchased, or a previous number, get your phone with the SIM card you want to register and your identity document: your passport, residence card or Polish personal ID card.

After 1st February 2017 to register your number you will need your SIM card number – you can check it by entering the following free code on your phone: *100# and confirm with the connection button.

Where to register your prepaid T-Mobile phone or Internet access?

Find a T-Mobile shop in your neighbourhood and register your number.

Find the nearest post office and register your number. Here is a list of post offices.

RUCH-branded kiosk is also where you can register your number. Find your nearest RUCH newsagent’s here

Find your nearest Inmedio, Relay, One Minute newsagent's shop here

This is the way to do it if you already have a subscription, Mix or prepaid number registered with T-Mobile. Log on to My T-Mobile app or on out website at


Just enter the following free code on your phone: *100# and confirm with the connection button.

If your number was not active before 25 July 2016 you can't use it without registration. If your number was already active in our network before 25 July 2016, you need to register it by 1 February 2017 at the latest. If you don't, your SIM card will be deactivated on 2 February 2017.

The data you provide for registration purposes will be kept at T-Mobile. We exercise utmost care to make it safe. The data is also protected by the Personal Data Protection Act and will not be provided to unauthorised persons.

Call your T-Mobile consultant at: 606 606 606 - free for T-Mobile prepaid customers.